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Jun 19, 2019  

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Muscular strains, especially to the hamstrings, are also common. For younger players, growing musclesand tendons can pull on the shin bone or heel bone, causing pain. Building both strength and balance are key to a successful soccer season. “Strength and muscular endurance arehuge components because soccer is a very dynamic game,” Grinnell said. “Playerschange direction quickly, moving forward, backward and to the side, all ofwhich requires precision balance. And when you’re trying to get a lot of powerbehind a shot, you have to be stable and strong on your stance leg.” Muscle imbalances — such as having strong quadriceps and weak hamstrings — can result in a greater risk of injury. A physical therapist or other professional can help identify imbalances and create a strengthening program that works well for you. “We can Football Live Scores assess your movementpatterns, such as jumping mechanics and how well you change direction anddecelerate, and make recommendations for specific changes in an attempt toreduce your risk of injury,” Grinnell said. Grinnell also recommends a dynamic warmup, in which a player goes through the range of motions they’ll encounter on the field.

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Local soccer team shows support for National Grid employee injured on the job GLOCESTER, R.I. (WPRI) — The community came together Monday night to support a National Grid employee, who was injured after falling from a bucket truck in Norton nearly a month ago. Jay Nelson was working on a utility pole on West Hodges Street when he fell from the bucket and onto live wires. “He was electrocuted and he needed CPR when he was on the ground,” Jill Calapai, a family friend, said. Calapai said Nelson is still in the hospital and has to undergo several more surgeries before he can begin his recovery. Because of this, she said Jay’s brother Josh came up with the phrase “JStrong.” To offer a bit of relief for the Nelson family during this time, Calapai ran with Josh’s idea. He coaches her daughter’s soccer team – BGYSA Team Nelson. Calapai decided to enlist the girls help in supporting their coach. Video Now: Soccer team shows support for injured National Grid employee Last week, they wrote “JStrong” on their arms for a game and sent photos to Nelson in the hospital. On Monday night, they sported t-shirts with the same message. “I tried to win it all for him,” Rylee Nelson, Jay’s niece and Josh’s daughter, said. “Every time I touched the ball, I thought of him.” The team’s win means the girls will head to the finals, with quite the inspiration.

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